Pixxy has an incredible vision for mobile camera technology that is way ahead of its time. We worked together to design a proof of concept that was a fraction of a competitors solution, and resulted in a test product that turned an 8 hour, human job into a 45 minute automated workflow. When the technology is ready for distribution, it will result in millions of hours of saved human time.

Pixxy came to Jam Sessions with an idea and a huge estimate by another agency. But using our process allowed Pixxy to validate their product with just a fraction of the cost.

Pixxy asked us to help

— Design a simple brand and web experience
— Develop  proof of concept to validate technology

What we've done

  1. Strategic discovery
  1. Brand identity
  1. Prototype development

We've got work to do

Pixxy is currently developing its technology for professional users in the media/entertainment industry. The technology works and when it's ready, Pixxy will be used across a variety of mobile camera and augmented reality products and services.
Jam Sessions is working alongside the Pixxy team to develop a series of proof of concepts highlighting various production scenarios.

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