CBE Law Group

CBE Law Group is growing fast and needed a brand refresh in order to establish itself as one of Southern Californias hottest boutique firms.

The problem

CBE Law, one of SoCal’s leading Workers’ Compensation firms, had a vision: resolve claims twice as fast as the California average. By adhering to this vision, CBE rapidly grew from a firm of one to an established firm with a slate of dedicated workers’ compensation professionals. 

There was only one problem: CBE’s growth eclipsed their existing website.  

The ask

CBE came to Jam Sessions with a request: build an elegant, clean website that would allow CBE to easily upload and update original content, keeping clients fully appraised of each new endeavor CBE was taking on.

What we did 

Jam Sessions quickly went to work, using (INSERT PROGRAM) to build a clean, responsive website that showcased CBE’s services, offerings, and mission. Clients and prospects quickly glean how CBE’s expertise can help them resolve their worker compensation claims with speed and expertise.

By designing with (PROGRAM), Jam Sessions created an intuitive editor account for CBE, empowering them to update website text, headshots, and data while preserving the core structures and design of their website. 

The Jam Sessions solution

Our solution was to provide an elegant, easy-to-update website that showcased CBE’s mission and services to clients and prospects. 

We partnered with CBE to hone their market position as an aggressive, growing firm focused on the California labor market, and rolled out custom UX to simplify content discovery. 

Clean, client-focused. CBE 

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