Wadju is transitioning from a ratings app to a community for the global food community. Jam Sessions is helping them do it.

The problem

Wadju order? Wadju try? Wadju think?

Wadju, a social dining app, aims to answer foodies’ biggest question: what’s the hottest dish in town? 

Wadju had the vision. But they needed a team of designers and developers to take this vision and turn it into a working communications platform that users could understand and adopt. 

The ask

Wadju asked Jam Sessions to turn their vision into a platform. This meant: 

  • Designing a new website 
  • Creating a communications platform 
  • Unifying and focusing messaging 

What we did 

Jam Sessions focused on creating a platform that answered one question: what’s the hottest dish in town? 

Product strategy, website design, and communications platform development all were focused on this tight messaging concept: wadju tells you what the hottest dish in town is. 

Jam Sessions unified UX across all channels, reflecting wadju’s unified messaging. 

We deployed a sleek, engaging website that draws users quickly to a simple call to action: download wadju to find the best dishes in town. 


The Jam Sessions solution

The Jam Sessions Solution was tight focus on messaging that was deployed through multiple channels: 

  • Sleek website that directs users to download the app 

The Jam Sessions Solution launched wadju with clear, concise messaging that presented a solution to a problem all diners have: what’s good to eat. 

We’re still working

Wadju now features over 1,700 restaurants, and its platform is growing rapidly. Thanks to this wealth of data, Jam Sessions is now completing rounds of A/B testing on the platform, helping wadju configure its upcoming launch plans. Jam Sessions will continue to develop launch strategies and messaging as wadju grows its user base.

To simplify onboarding and enhance visual consistency, Jam Sessions is creating a comprehensive visual guideline for wadju’s product team, ensuring wadju stays focused on their guiding question: what’s the hottest dish in town? 

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